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Glazbena škola Zlatka Balokovića

Zlatko Baloković – violin genius

who was born in Zagreb on March 21st, 1895, has finished musical education at the Music School of the Croatian Music Institute in the class of eminent Czech pedagogue Vaclav Huml who educated many excellent violinists and founded the Zagreb violin school. Already at the age of 14, he played at the concert of the Croatian Music Institute accompanied by an orchestra, performing the violin concerto of Antonin Dvořák in a-minor. The listeners, alongside the 12 encores were delighted to accept his playing. In September 1911, Baloković was enrolled at two-year master's degree program at the Vienna Academy of Music in the class of famous Otokar Ševčik, the teacher of Vaclav Huml. During his master's degree studies, he was gained first international success, performing with the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra in Moscow and Berlin. In November 1913, he held the first recital in Zagreb, attended by his professors.

The first great international appearances began in 1914 with a series of concerts in Cairo. From Egypt he went to Italy, where he performed in Naples, Rome, in Vatican Pia Concert Hall and in Genova, Milan, Turin. During the First World War, Baloković performed independently and in chamber ensembles. Concerts were very commonly held in the favor of the International Red Cross.
In 1918, he performed as the first violinist of the string quartet side by side with his teacher Vaclav Hum, violinist Miroslav Šlik and cellist Jura Tkalčić at the concert that was devoted to the works of Dora Pejačević. Her Slavonic Sonata op. 43, was devoted to Zlatko Baloković in 1917. The work was premiered in Zagreb next year with the accompaniment of Svetislav Stančić and abroad in 1926.
After the war, he played in concert tours throughout France, Switzerland and the UK. Since 1922 he has appeared in the United States, where he resided after two years. In New York, Baloković met Joyce Borden and got married in 1926. From New York, he regularly went on tours around the world. In 1927 Baloković and his wife visited the French Riviera. In a small village of Eze they have built a castle where many prominent personalities (Ignacy Jan Paderevski, Fritz Kreisler, Bruno Walter and many famous statesmen) were hosted. During 1931, followed tours over Australia and New Zealand. After World War II, Baloković performed on all continents and played with the most famous orchestras under the guidance of many famous conductors (Otto Klemperer, Malcolm Sargent, Serge Koussevitzky and many others). In 1938, the concert at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb marked the 25th anniversary of his artistic work. At that concert, Baloković performed a concerto for the violin and orchestra of American composer John Carpenter Alden, dedicated to Baloković in 1936.

Zlatko Baloković was a great friend with Nikola Tesla to whom he played at the funeral ceremony on January 12th, 1943. After Nikola Tesla's wish, Baloković played Schubert's "Ave Maria" and then the folk song "Tamo Daleko". During the Second World War, Baloković focused his activities on organizing all-American assistance. He was also the President of the Council of American Croats. For the activities he has also dealt with after the war, he was awarded. He also held many charity concerts. He died in Venice on March 29th, 1965. Baloković's violin called King, the work of Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù from the Cremona (1735), is preserved at the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb. (prepared by: Andrea Perić, Prof.)










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