In the next few sentences, we will try to present you an instrument that is very popular and describe what the students actually do during their education at our school.

The classical guitar has gained great popularity in the last five decades and today there is no music school in Croatia that does not teach the guitar.

The guitar is a fretted instrument with six strings. The sound is produced by right-hand tapping, while the fingertips pressure produces a tone and changes in the tone height. The most common types of guitars are six-string instruments, but during the time the instrument has experienced changes, so there are guitars with four, seven, eight, ten and twelve strings.

One of the most famous guitar player was Ivan Padovec, a Croatian composer, virtuoso, inventor of ten-string guitar, who was born approximately two hundred years ago in Varaždin. The guitar draws its roots in antic times and is used in all musical styles.

The acoustic guitar did not change too much until the 20th century, when for the needs of dance groups, metal strings were according to the model of banjo. This is the beginning of using the guitar as the leading instrument in popular music, which eventually lead to the invention of a semi-acoustic guitar, as well as a full electric guitar version. Later in the 20th century, electric guitars had a full impact on the popular music culture and entertainment music.

The guitar is recognized as one of the primary instruments in blues, country, flamenco, rock and many other music styles.

It is fundamentally used as a classic solo instrument, which is taught at our music college. During the course of six years of elementary music education according to the curriculum and the program of individual guitar teaching, our students have individual guitar and group theory lessons (solfeggio), which enables them to acquire quality musical education.

Pupils who have shown the sensibility and affinity for public performances during their schooling, usually play in public productions, or concerts in the famous halls like Mimara museum hall, Croatian Music Institute, Vatroslav Lisinski small concert hall etc. Extremely gifted students continue their studies for the next four years and are enrolled in our high school music program.

And if we touched the soul and woke up the love for music, or for the instrument our pupils would learn to play during the joyful time of their schooling, we did something noble, which is our task.