It is well known that music from the earliest years of life develops creativity, freedom of the motion, concentration and memory. All these important components are necessary for a healthy, joyous and unburdened life of your child (from the fourth year of his of her life) You can find at music kindergarten of Zlatko Baloković Music College.

The initial musical knowledge children can expand into our elementary music school program, which lasts for six years and is carried out on two more locations – in Travno and Zaprešić.

What you might have just wanted for your child, by watching TV it can become reality to pluck and congratulate to your child after the performance in our concert hall, in the Historical Museum, the Croatian Music Institute hall, or somewhere else.

Children can decide whether to learn to play piano, violin, cello, guitar, tambura, flute, clarinet, accordion, or enjoy singing in the choir, performing in a string orchestra or solo playing with piano accompaniment.

Of course, there are also a solfeggio lessons that give the child the necessary theoretical knowledge, as it facilitates the mastering of the music material on the instrument, but also develops logical thinking, memory, intonation, sense for rhythm and develops working habits.

Thanks to the work of our experienced professors, children develop self-confidence, which is very important to them especially when they are young. Those more persistent and hard-working can continue with our four-year secondary music education, of course, in pre-selected instrumental departments, or optionally enroll the theoretical department. In this period of time, access to music is more demanding, requiring more seriousness, work, but in return it gives great pleasure, enjoyment, creating an active participant, as well as an educated listener and promoter.

Believe: A completed secondary school music education leaves a profound trace on personality, life, way of thinking and overcoming individual tasks. It is even more valuable to remind yourself of wonderful friendships, socializing and traveling.

Who knows, you may just choose music as your lifestyle, or study music at the Academy of Music, maybe you will become our fellow – believe it, you will not be sorry.

Good luck,

Tanja Nikolić, Prof. deputy director