Ivan Medi, trumpet teacher

Ivan Medi, a trumpet teacher

His musical education began in his native Dubrovnik where he attended elementary and secondary music school in the class of professor Nikola Obradović and professor Ivan Kušelj. In 2006 he enrolled at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class professor Dario Teskera.

He regularly participated in the HDGPP competitions, where he won the first and second prizes at regional and national competitions and in chamber music competitions. He attended seminars with well-known domestic and international soloists and pedagogues: Stanko Selak, Stanko Arnold, Guillaume Couloumy, Laura Vukobratović, Anthony Plog, and as an orchestral musician he participated in the work of the International Youth Orchestra of CEI and the International Orchestra Academy in Hvar and has cooperated with the HRT Symphony Orchestra.

At the Zlatko Baloković Music College, he has been working since 2009 when the trumpet teacher position was opened for the first time at Zaprešić department.