Percussion classes

In musical terminology, the word percussion signifies a group of instruments that give sound by striking the skin, metal or wood.

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Kod sviranja udaraljki najneophodniji je osjećaj za ritam, pokretnost i dobra sposobnost usklađivanja pokreta kao i brzi refleksi.

odjel udaraljke

Luka Pešutić, Prof.

Graduated percussions in 2015 at the Music Academy in Zagreb, in the class of professor Ivana Bilić. He has finished the secondary music school in Samobor in the class of professor Goran Gorše. He has also completed secondary grammar school. During his musical education, he attended numerous seminars led by professors Igor Lešnik, Ludwig Albert, Ivana Bilić and many others. He was awarded the first prize at the regional competition for...

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