Svetlana Krajna, Prof.

Head of the Tambura Department: Svetlana Krajna, Prof.

This music department of Zlatko Baloković Music College is very successful despite being one of the youngest in our institution. The great interest of the students as well as the commitment of professors have shown that through joint collaboration as well as professional education we can achieve remarkable results, thus contributing to the overall development and advancement of our traditional folk instrument tambura, which at the same time represents Croatian national heritage and gives a special recognition to Croatian culture in the world.

Therefore, our tambura department has an important task to educate young and talented generations of soloists and chamber musicians.

The special thing about this department is that it is one of the first tambura departments that have started working and educating students at the secondary music school level. Our institution also has the tambura orchestra, founded in 1995 under the leadership of Dražen Varga. The tambura orchestra has held numerous concerts at the music schools, in the halls of the Croatian Music Institute, V. Lisinski Concert Hall, at the HTV (Croatian national television) etc.

Since school year 1999/2000. Svetlana Krajna conducts the tambura orchestra of our music college. This orchestra has won the Golden Plaque at the 23rd Tambura Music Festival in Osijek in 2000.

As a pedagogue, she has worked with numerous gifted students with whom she had particular successes and their music performance has led to a very high professional and pedagogical level and has achieved significant recognition both in education and in numerous competitions. These are Juraj Slipac, Jakša Papafava, Danijel Pavlović, Denis Kos, Hrvoje Dupin, Hrvoje Lekić, Boris Zatezalo, Mario Sorić etc.

She is a member of numerous juries for tambura soloists county and state competitions. She is a member of the commission for creating tambura educational plans and programs at the national level and is also a mentor for a number interns on professional teachers' examinations.

She has performed in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, France, Hungary, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina as a soloist as well as with the Tambura Orchestra of HRT under the direction of Siniša Leopold.

She is the author of the collection of bisernica and brač ensembles, "Etudes for bisernica and brač" for elementary music school and compositions for high school music: "Cheerful walk for the bisernica and brač" in the first grade of the high school, "Music moment for the bisernica and brač" in the second grade of high music school released by HDGPP.


Svetlana Krajna, prof.