Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak, Prof.

Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak, Prof. – Head of Department

Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak was born in Zagreb in 1965, where she finished elementary and secondary music school. After studying violin at the Music Academy in Zagreb, she graduated in the class of professor Maja Dešpalj Begović and was hired as a violin professor at the Zlatko Baloković Music College, where she still works.

Her pedagogical work is based on a more modern approach to students, trying to change their passive, student attitude into the creative and active relationship between students and professors. It promotes the integral music development of students as individuals, but also as a member of the group, where the joy of playing in chamber ensembles is important.

As a head of the string department of our music college, for many years she has been trying to support the development of the department, which has resulted in an increase in the number of students enrolled in the string department, and in the constantly increasing number of students who are continuing their education at the secondary school level.

Students from her class participate in county and state competitions where they obtain remarkable results, and today some of them are professional musicians and pedagogues.