Strings classes

The string department of the Zlatko Baloković music college has been the important part of our college since its very beginnings. The department includes professors and students of violin, cello and double bass.

String instruments are characterized by a large tonal range, capability of the most nuance of dynamics, agogic and tone colors.

odjel violina2

Today, there are 8 professors and about 80 students in the elementary and secondary music school programs. Through the individual teaching, the students are mastering the incredible possibilities of string instruments, and through playing with piano accompaniment, the chamber ensembles and the orchestra our students meet with the joy of playing in an ensemble.

The best students of the department perform at school concerts and concerts in the Historical Museum in Zagreb, the Croatian Music Institute, in Mimara museum and the highly gifted students also participate in competitions where they achieve remarkable results.

Violin Violin is a string instrument of recognizable, clear sound. Although often referred to as the queen of instruments, it is primarily the basis of the orchestra and makes its fundament. But whether we look at it as a solo instrument or as a part of an orchestra, we will see that it is present everywhere, both in classical and jazz music, folklore compositions and all other musical styles. Violin training begins at an early age on a small instrument adjusted to the height of the child and it "grows" together with the child to its true size.

Violin never came out of fashion, in fact, it is experiencing a renaissance at the contemporary music scene.

Double bass is the largest string instrument of the lowest tune, but it can sound like a cello and even like a violin! In addition to being the base of any classical orchestra, it "holds the strings" in jazz ensembles, and it calls people to dance especially when is joined with drums, in various types of popular music (blues, country, rock, salsa ...). It's a cool instrument!!!

Cello With its warm sound the cello can't leave anyone indifferent. In the orchestra it is equally important instrument as well as violin, but it often collaborates with the double bass, creating the rhythmic skeleton of the piece. Like the violin, cello training is adapted to the child's growth, so smaller children begin learning on small instruments. Already in the first year of learning cello, children play small pieces with piano accompaniment and are taught to perform in front of the audience.