Strings classes

The string department of the Zlatko Baloković music college has been the important part of our college since its very beginnings. The department includes professors and students of violin, cello and double bass.
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Bowed string instruments are a subcategory of string instruments that are played by a bow rubbing the strings.

odjel violina

Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak, Prof.

Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak, Prof. – Head of Department Zdenka Četinic Bošnjak was born in Zagreb in 1965, where she finished elementary and secondary music school. After studying violin at the Music Academy in Zagreb, she graduated in the class of professor Maja Dešpalj Begović and was hired as a violin professor at the Zlatko Baloković Music College, where she still works. Her pedagogical work is based on a more modern approach to...

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Tajana Seder-Zalusky, Prof.

Tajana Seder Zalusky graduated violoncello at the Zagreb Academy of Music in the class of prof. M. Nagy. She was at the specialization in Vienna with prof. Adalbert Skocic and in the United States with prof. Rick Mooney. She has performed as a soloist and as part of the chamber ensembles (ensemble "Romanca" and now the trio "Gracije"). She has been in the field of pedagogical work for 25 years and...

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Dubravka Marković, Prof.

Dubravka Marković, professor of violin Graduated in 1989 at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of professor S. Kuzmin. She has been teaching violin at the Zlatko Baloković Music College since 1989. Students of professor Marković have participated in shows, seminars and competitions (2nd prize at the 1998 National Competition). Dubravka Marković is amember of the piano trio "Ars viva".

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Janko Ranogajec, Prof.

Professor Janko Ranogajec, born in Zagreb, is a lecturer at the string department (basic subject - violin) at the Zlatko Baloković Music College. After completing his education at Blagoje Bersa Music School, in 1980 he was enrolled at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of professor Kristijan Petrović. During his studies in 1984 he was the concertmaster of the International Youth and Youth Orchestra in Sonnenberg (Hannover). Upon...

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Sven Buić, Prof.

Sven Buić, professor of double bass Sven Buić graduated double bass at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of professor J. Novosel. In the first year of his studies, he won the second prize at the Competition of Artists of Yugoslavia, while during the second year he won the first prize at the Croatian Students' Competition (98 points). Already as a student he has started to teach double bass...

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Irena Stojević, Prof.

Irena Stojević, professor of violin I was born in 1977 in Zagreb where I attended elementary music school "Blagoje Bersa" and secondary music school "Vatroslav Lisinski", where I graduated in the class of professor Vinko Fabris. In 1995, I was enrolled at the Music Academy Ino Mirković under the license of the Moscow State Conservatory "P.I. Čajkovski", in Lovran. I graduated in 2000 in the class of professor Sergey Ivanovich Kravchenko,...

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Antun Stašić, Prof.

He was born in Zagreb in 1983. He has graduated at the Music Academy in Zagreb in 2007, in the class of professor Tonko Ninić. During his studies he won several awards at the music competitions. He has performed at several festivals (Croatian Pleter, Croatian Children's Festival, Krapina Folklore Festival in Krapina etc.) as a soloist and singer. In addition to classical music, he often performs popular compositions written for...

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