Maja Maričić, Prof.

Maja Maričić (1963) finished elementary and secondary music education at the Pavao Markovac music school in the class of professor Vilina Sočo-Runić and graduated at the Music Academy in Zagreb in the class of professor Zvjezdana Bašić.

Guided by the idea that the musician should not be limited by the choice of only one instrument, she also worked as a leader of music workshop in the kindergarten (Orff's instrumentarium) and as a conductor of the female group "klapa" and mixed choir. With pedagogical work, she continues to work as an accompanist for the joy of making music and preservation of playing technique.

Every child has a musical potential which just needs to be encouraged ("all children are born with wings, and teachers are there to teach them to fly"). That's why this professor does not have the most important thing for students to have remarkable results, but to come and leave the classes happy, because music is a part of their lives and makes them better persons.