Hrvoje Galler, Prof.

Born in Brežice in 1976. After finishing the primary and secondary music education at "Blagoje Bersa" music school in Zagreb, he enrolled in the class of professor Pavica Gvozdić at the Music Academy in Zagreb.

Interest in jazz music emerged during the studies, later through collaborations with some renowned jazz musicians and independent jazz music companies, which in times turned into a dedicated jazz-making efforts.

The projects in which he has participated were: Luka Udžbinac band, Zagreb Jazz Portrait, Jazz Me-Do, Joe & Maja Kolektiff, Jelena Balent, Maja Savić, Big Band HRT, Big Band Military Orchestra and Bjelovar Big Band.

Recently, he took part at the new Jasna Bilušić's project -"New Deal". In addition to classical and jazz music, he also came across some other musical genres. As a freelance musician he played in musicals ("Chicago", "The Full Monty", "Little Shop of Avengers", "Aida"). He also collaborated with various singers and composers (Nina Badrić, Soulfingers, Yammat and others).

In addition to playing, he also works as pedagogue. He is teaching jazz at high school for popular and jazz music and piano at the Zlatko Baloković Music College. For the last four years he has been performing the compositions of Jasna Bilušić, "Cool Date" and "New Deal".