Ivana Cvetkovski, Master of Arts

Ivana Cvetkovski finished primary music education of accordion in Samobor, in the class of professor Marina Flanjak, after which she completed the secondary education at "Functional Music Pedagogy" music school in Zagreb in the accordion class of professor Marjan Krajna. She went to high school in general gymnasium "A. G. Matoš" in Samobor and at Secondary Music School "Functional Music Pedagogy". Besides the main subject of accordion she took cello classes as a second subject at “Ferdo Livadić” music school in Samobor.

Hers further musical education continued at the "Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz", in the class of renowned classical accordionist James Crabb and Geir Draugsvoll. She graduated in 2000. Along with the bachelor-masters studies of accordion, she also completed the violoncello secondary music education at the music school "Ferdo Livadić" in Samobor in the class of professor Branko Hutterer, where she successfully graduated. Her other subject-violoncello, she also continued to study at the Music Academy in Graz, where she joined the class of professor Jörg Zwicker, a renowned Austrian music and baroque cello expert.

After graduation, she continued postgraduate studies in Graz in soloist class of James Crabb and ended it with a great success in 2002. In addition to the accordion soloist class, she also completed the pedagogical course Intrumental-Gesangs-Pädagogik (IGP - the department of instrumental music pedagogy). The theme of her master's thesis was "Synästetische Konzepte in der Kunst der Impressionismus" (Concepts of Synesthesia in the Art of Impressionism).

In 2002, after completing postgraduate studies, she enrolled in a PhD in philosophy in Graz, also at the "Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz" at the Institut für Wertungsforschung, under the auspices of Univ. Prof. Dr. Phil. Andreas Dorschel. The subject of dissertation is closely related to her previous musical vocation: "Das Akkordeon in Kroatien" ("Accordion in Croatia"). In 2008 she passed the Rigorosum Final Exam and defended the subject of his dissertation and became Doctor of Philosophy. State and international competitions, seminars

During education, her acquired knowledge has been proved and confirmed in numerous competitions, both national and international where she won numerous awards (1st prize in Pula 1989 and 1993, 1st prize in Castelfidardo - Italy 1990, 2nd prize in Pula 1991 etc.). In addition to the solo performances at the competition, she also competed in the category of chamber music (2nd prize in Pula 1995 – accordion duo, 1st prize in Pula 1999 - accordion duo with flute). Her musical education is complemented by active participation at numerous seminars where she collaborates with world renowned pedagogues and soloists such as Peter Soave (USA), Mie Miki (Germany), Vladimir Balyk (Ukraine), Matti Rantanen (Finland), Paolo Picchio (Italy).


Since 2003, Ivana Cvetkovski is permanently employed as a professor at the Zlatko Baloković Music College in Zagreb where she teaches accordion, violoncello and chamber music. During pedagogical work, her students participated in numerous competitions (regional, national and international) and won numerous awards in solo categories as well as in chamber music.

Concert activity

As a reproductive artist she performs with various ensembles such as the Cantus Ensemble from Zagreb (currently the most significant ensemble in Croatia dealing with research and performing modern music) and is a steady member of the Acoustic project of the Chamber Ensemble. Recently, the most active part of the ensemble is Acoustic project, a unique ensemble of this kind in Croatia, and it is made of the eminent Croatian instrumentalists. Its program focuses on composers of the 20th and 21st centuries, and the main goal of the ensemble is to inspire Croatian composers in experimenting with sound, creating unusual combinations and gaining new possibilities that seem to be incompatible to the instruments. (more info at www.acoustic-project.webatu.com).