Who can enroll within the Zlatko Baloković Music College? Music is an art that is abstract and can't be conjured up with words. To become excellence musician, it takes a lot of time and effort for exhilarating practicing, and in turn it rewards us with its beauty.

All information and documentation can be obtained on our web site and at the college's secretariat.


Music kindergarten – preschool program
It is intended for children who have shown interest in music from 4 to 6 years of age, where through the play, song and fun they learn the basics of music.

Initial solfeggio preschool program
All pupils attending the first and second grade of primary school can enroll and attend our beginner solfeggio program, which consists of music lesson in which students are getting prepared for music education, get acquainted with the music and the theory of music as part of a preparatory program for the enrollment in the first grade of elementary music education (after they pass the entrance examination for elementary music school).

Elementary Music School
The elementary music school program is usually enrolled at the third grade of the general primary school and it lasts for six years. Particularly gifted children can be enrolled even earlier. Throughout the school, students learn and develop music skills, abilities, psychomotor skills, and improve their concentration through learning music. Learning music encourages abstract thinking, self-control, as well as organization and discipline in the work. In elementary music program, you can learn to play flute, guitar, piano, clarinet, tambura, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, violin, violoncello and percussion.

Two times a week, students have individual classes of the main subject (instrument) and group classes of solfeggio – theory lessons. From the third grade begins the collective music activities (choir or orchestra). The classes are organized at the time when our pupils finish with their activities in general primary school. After the elementary music school program, students can continue their education at the secondary music school program on our institution.

The first preparatory class of secondary music school program, is organized for the candidates who have not attended elementary music school but who have passed entry examination (music hearing, music memory and music rhythm examination). Candidates for a singing department program also have to perform vocal compositions of their own choice for the admission exam. For all departments other than the singing, the necessary body capacity is also required. Entry to the first preparatory class of our college is possible for: double bassist, clarinetist, saxophonist, trumpeter, percussionist, singer and musical theory.

In the first preparatory class candidates are normally enrolled with the most elongated age of 15, with the exception of musician – the double bass player up to the age of 18, and a singer who can be enrolled until the age of 20 or 22.

Students who have finished elementary music school program or preparatory classes of secondary music schools can be enrolled in the first grade of secondary music school.

In the classroom process, the following will be evaluated and scored: success in previous education (general success, main subject – instrument or singing, solfeggio and school behavior graded in the fifth and fifth grade of elementary music school program, or in the 1st and 2nd preparatory class of secondary music school), the results of the competition and of the admission exam. Candidates are obliged to pass the main subject of the exam and the solfeggio exam (for the profession the of theory of music students have to pass solfeggio as the main subject, and the piano).

Students enroll the first grade of the secondary music school program up to the age of 17 and up to 18. The exception concerns the double bass players up to the age of 20 and the female singers until the age of 22, or a male singers up to the age of 24.

Our secondary music school program includes (main subjects): flute, guitar, piano, clarinet, tambura, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, violin, cello, percussion, double bass, solo singing and music theory.

Candidates interested in music theory, with mandatory piano lessons, can be enrolled in secondary music school program, in which they are taught and prepared for studies of musicology, music theory, music composition and conducting. This program can also be entered by the students who have completed elementary music school program for piano or another instrument as well all candidates who have shown the required skill of piano playing at the admission exam.

The secondary music school program lasts four years. It can be enrolled in parallel with general high school or some other four-year secondary school program. Students who choose exclusively music education as a lifelong vocation can be enrolled in the music class program, with music subjects that are taught at our institution and general subjects taught at the music class of the Applied Arts and Design School.

Completing this program students receive the final certificate of the 4th degree of education in the field of music with a certain musician profile and profession.